And so it begins.

14 06 2008

We have not taken any of those 5 million steps yet, but soon we will. Next Monday June 30th we will all arrive at Baxter State Park to begin our journey together. In the wee hours of July 1st we will start our trek off with a bang as we hike the Appalachian Trail’s most challenging peak, Mount Katahdin. I’m sure we will all be wondering just quite what (if at all) we were thinking in starting with the hardest part first. Then the next day we will walk off into the 100 mile wilderness and we won’t be heard from again until July 10th.

Thanks for coming to visit our blog. We hope to keep you entertained and informed as we make our way south. We also hope that you will feed us, encourage us, and inspire us along the way. Be sure and check out our bios by clicking on the “Who We are” tab.

See ya in Monson!