Our Hike By The Numbers

27 12 2008

We have been encouraged by others to give a by-the-numbers account of our hike, so without further ado, here it is!

2,176.2 miles

14 states

168 days/5.5 months

35 days of rain in the first 42 days

3 major blizzards (in TN, NC & GA)

43.5 miles & 4 states in longest day

20,000,000 steps (exactly!)

17 pairs of shoes/boots

9 packs

7 sleeping bags

4 pairs down booties

1 backpacker guitar

2 harmonicas

1 recorder

1 shaky egg

2 cameras

2 stoves

1 roll of TP at a time

1 cheap LOVE necklace from Walmart

446 frogs

129 red eft newts

5 black bears

4 moose

2 box turtles

20 snakes

1 porcupine

2 pileated woodpeckers

lots! of deer, mosquitoes, black flies, slugs…

1 loon swooped on by 1 bald eagle

1 evil squirrel and 2 evil mice who chewed our stuff

1300 french fries consumed in one sitting! (that’s 9800 calories and 530 grams of fat)

9 items each off McDonald’s dollar menu in one sitting

1/2 gallon of ice cream each in one sitting

300 snickers bars

100 lbs of GORP (trail mix)

2 grocery carts of food in every town

3 blueberry pies from Beef’s cousins

4 food flops: “Think Thin” bars, mysterious rotten vegetable from CO, habanero cheddar cheese, pickled sausages

2 bee stings (1 near-deadly)

1 bad ankle sprain

3 vomiting incidents

2 frostbitten toes

4 different personality types on the Enneagram

6 books/stories read aloud

1 song composed for the trail (lyrics coming soon)

1 celtic festival attended

1 movie theater visit (Mamma Mia! in Hanover)

20 songs on the VT Mafia Greatest Hits list

16 movies on our post-trail film festival list

59.32 dollars in Flamebo’s combined bank accounts after final reckoning

11 lbs net weight gain

125+ trail angels & mafia connections

12 days apart before our first reunion!



New Trail Angels Page

20 12 2008

Check out the new Trail Angels tab to see what is probably an incomplete list of all those who provided us magic along the way.  We love you all and can’t thank you enough!

We did it!!

19 12 2008
(top) Bookworm, One Gallon, Default, Beef, D-wreck, EKG, Flamebo; (bottom) Mountain Goat, Timber, Bearwalker [photo courtesy of Bookworm]

SOBOs on Springer: (top) Bookworm, One Gallon, Default, Beef, D-wreck, EKG, Flamebo; (bottom) Mountain Goat, Timber, Bearwalker [photo courtesy of Bookworm]

In case you hadn’t heard, the Vermont Mafia reached the summit of Springer Mountain in Georgia on Monday, December 15th, completing their southbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. That means we walked 2,176 miles over a period of five and a half months. And what an adventure it was…

I will apologize on behalf of all of us for being the worst team of bloggers ever – we have so many things to say that the task of a thorough update was often too daunting for our limited computer time. We do want to share our stories, though, and hopefully this blog will continue to fill with all the tales that never made it to print the first time around.

For now, you’ll have to be content to know that our journey has ended happily, and thanks to all those who contributed to the amazing mountaintop festivities on Springer! Once again, the magic of trail angels has been at the heart of what makes the AT experience all that it is. I’m still in shock that it’s over, but I feel SO blessed to have taken this little walk.

PHOTO UPDATE: Check our usual photo page for a few more Virginia Part 2 pictures and maybe additional captions if I ever get around to it. We ran out of space there, though, so the final album is here: http://picasaweb.google.com/devon.parish/ATThruHikeTNNCGA. Check it out!