Who We Are

“To travel fast, go alone; to travel far, go together.” -African proverb

This fearsome fivesome has its beginnings on the lovely 2nd floor of Middlebury College’s Battell Hall. Lizzie and Laura S. were freshman roommates and Laura B. lived straight across the hall. Devon had also lived on that same hall the previous year and was to be our freshman girls bible study leader. Maria joined us the next year as a freshman. We’ve grown up a bit since 2002, but these bonds remain some of the most important to us.

Now you can meet us all individually:




    Devon      Elizabeth  Laura B.   Laura S.       Maria
“Community is not a human invention. It is not a mere social phenomenon. Community is God’s dearest creation. It is only in community that there is a possibility of knowing & being known, loving & being loved, serving & being served, celebrating & being celebrated… It is where we learn to care & share, challenge & support, to confide & confess, to forgive & be forgiven, to laugh & weep, to be accountable to each other, to watch over each other, to be servants together. It is a place of transformation.” -From Groups: The life giving power of Community

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30 06 2008
Roy and Beth Wilkinson

We see that we know most of you making this trek. Hope you have a great time doing it. Did you know that Mr. Wilkinson worked for the US Forest Service here in the Green Mountain National Forest for 23.5 years? This was after his 20+ years in the Marine Corps. Vermont was our native state and we are so glad that we came back in 1966 when he retired from the USMC.
We had a couple join Memorial in the ’70s who had hiked the full length of the trail before retiring to their 2nd home in Lincoln (VT). They had lived in NJ previously. When Everett re tired, a friend took them to GA to start hiking. They got to Mt. Katadin just a few days before the first snow there.
God be with you. We hope you will all enjoy your hiking. We are taking a trip to GA and SC in a few days and will be gone for a month. As we drive South, we will think of you having fun walking down there!

30 06 2008
Esther Gutacker

Devin – this is so great! My sister Hannah and my dad Jim set out on the trail in Virginia on Sunday. I am going to forward this link to them, so maybe they can keep up on you. I really like your tag name and the website! Persevere, girls!

30 06 2008
Pastor Steve

Devon, Lizzie, Laura, Laura, and Maria,

We’ll be following your progress! May the miles, days, and hours form the grace of even deeper community. You’ll be in our prayers!

19 12 2008
Major Miles

Awsome proverb I have never heard that one before.

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