Maria D.

My given name is: Maria

These crazy girls usually call me: M-dawg, Mawia . . . not too much for the nicknames.

My potential Trail Names: UPDATE: I have a trail name, and I’m sorry to disappoint my beloved HDers, but it’s not any of their suggestions. My name is EKG which stands for “Exactoknife Kristmas Girl” a name I was given after revealing the way my family opens Christmas gifts. At the time I was named, I was repackaging our food with zest, and with, I must admit, a bit of characteristic exacting precision.

Places I call home: None other than the Land of Enchantment, good ol’ Albuquerque, New Mexico! Gotta love the 505, no question. Middlebury, VT. The desert, especially the southwest. Places with mountains. Mountains are key. Home is where you can be yourself without trying too hard.

For the past two years I’ve: Well, since I’m the young’un in the group, I was a senior at Middlebury two years ago. For the past year, I’ve been a Teaching Assistant at a nativity school for the third grade as I volunteer with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps: South. This has meant living in community with five other twenty-somethings in a simple shotgun house and finding God in post-Katrina New Orleans, LA.

You might be surprised to know that: I’m not in the least Irish, despite my red hair.

Someone I’ve been learning from recently:
Thomas Merton – Catholic author and awesome dude. He beautifully describes the contemplative life of God and reveals the potential for each person to discover their identity in pursuit of God.

On the Enneagram I’m a:
Five, the “observer” or the “investigator” or the “wise person” depending on which school of thought you read. I have a six wing, and the name for that is the “problem solver.” [I’m kind of an Enneagram fiend — meaning, if I know you, I’ve probably thought of what type you would be.]

I’m hiking the trail because:
René (“hinds’ feet”) M. inspired me and told me while hiking the Grand Canyon last summer that she thought I could do something like hike the AT. I love to hike, I need time to contemplate life after JVC, and these girls were talking about it. Once it became more than a pipe dream, I jumped on the bandwagon.

What I’m reading now: St. Catherine of Siena, “The Dialogue”, Thomas Merton “Seeds of Contemplation”, Gerard Manley Hopkins S.J. “Poems”

My greatest trail fear is: that I can’t keep up, that I fail in some other way, that some one gets seriously hurt.

My goals for the trail are: to lose weight, to soak up the beauty of God’s creation, to overcome challenges successfully, to contemplate and plan (ha!) life post-JVC, to create awesome memories with these girls I love, and to glorify God.

Favorite food: carne adovada (tender pulled pork in garlic red chile sauce – it’s an NM thing), green chile stew, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, cliff bars, tea, fancy coffee drinks, heath bars. Any food, really. I’ve even found a taste for olives, the one food I used to spurn. I especially like ethnic and spicy food.

Next place I’d like to travel to besides the trail: Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland. Israel. Argentina. Rome, Italy any day.

The soundtrack to my life would surely include: The Duhks, any Schostakovich quartet, Waterdeep, early Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick cd “Skinnier, Faster, Live at the BPC”, Matt Maher song “Canticle of Zachariah”, Jars of Clay cd “Jars of Clay”, The Waiting cd “Blue Belly Sky”, Sixpence None the Richer

Get me talking about this if you want to see me passionate: theology (mystical, Eucharistic, ecclesiology), dead languages, spoken languages, the Enneagram, how people work, philosophy. Chances are if you’re passionate about it, I’ll be curious and ask lots of questions.

You could safely say I’m addicted to: my iPod, daily mass, Catholic and Christian devotional literature, scheming about my future.

After the trail, I’ll be:
maybe living at home in Albuquerque for a time working in a bakery and a bike shop, soon to start at the Grad Institute at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. maybe.


3 responses

30 06 2008

PUEBLO! I totally vote for Pueblo.

Where can I take this enneagram test thingy? And what type do you think I am???

still need to send you that package…will do, STAT!

16 08 2008
Dan Thelen

Might I suggest Butt-long Dick Cheneyson?

Okay, last jab from the HD house. Have an amazing hike Maria!!!

8 09 2008

don’t speak so soon dan, i haven’t made any jabs yet!

– leadfoot dickinson
– hairshirt
– Ms. D
– the Siren of the Southwest

miss you!!!

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