Laura S.

My given name is: Laura

These crazy girls usually call me: Loo (short for Laura Loo, my dad’s nickname for me since I was little)

My potential Trail Names: I have Kelly to thank for the name “Yeti.” Katie suggested MAPEL (for Mommas Always Provide Extra Love, which seems rather apt). And my dearest roomies Sam and Liv, who like to make fun of the way my face looks when I’m not paying attention, suggested Default.

Places I call home: Houston, Texas. Minnesota, especially my family’s cabin in Crosslake. Kansas City, the place I grew up. Middlebury College. Home for me usually involves some combination of people I love, lots of pretty views, yummy food, water to play in and/or mountains to climb. Houston meets only two of these criteria, which shows that there’s a lot to be said for the people I love there. Or the food.

For the past two years I’ve: been a mom to my many foster babies, a math/science tutor at an elementary school, lived with my three amazing roomies Allison, Olivia, and Erika, loved my church Ecclesia and the fabulous midtown small group, and enjoyed life in Houston, TX.

You might be surprised to know that: I had all 20 baby teeth and 12 permanent teeth pulled. Ouch.

Someone I’ve been learning from recently:
My friend Stine. She amazes me with her strength, sensitivity, fashion sense, and ability to invent fabulous and slightly inappropriate vocabulary words. She also makes a mean salad and is a wonderful mother to two adorable preschoolers.

On the Enneagram I’m a:
Two, aka the Helper. My wing is a Three, which means my fancy name is the “The Hostess.”

I’m hiking the trail because:
I got inspired by reading Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods by firelight during a week-long power outage during my senior year of high school. Since then, the AT has been on my “Must do before I die” list. I started half-jokingly asking my college friends to join me while we were still in college, and much to my surprise, they thought it was a great idea. Then last year my brother stole my idea and hiked 1200 miles of the trail, which confirmed to me that this was a brilliant and completely insane idea. Now here we are.

What I’m reading now: I just finished a second read of the 7th Harry Potter and Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist, which were both excellent. Next are Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory Boyd and Enough by Bill McKibben.

My greatest trail fear is: that we split up or somebody gets seriously hurt.

My goals for the trail are: to enjoy the beauty and challenge of the woods and the friendships I have with these girls as much as possible. I also hope that it draws me closer to God and makes me one seriously fit sista.

Favorite food: Pretty much anything my mom makes. I also have an abiding affection for Ethnic food. Living in Houston for two years has given me a great love for Tex-Mex restaurants and the real Mexican food Keta and Rene serve me until I tell them I’m going to “explotar.”

Next place I’d like to travel to besides the trail: two Christian orphanages near Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Johannesburg, South Africa.

The soundtrack to my life would surely include: Tifah, Evangeline, Waterdeep and Over the Rhine. Glen and Sam playing guitar in my living room. Waiting Wind in the form of Matt, Lizzie, and Maria. Robbie Seay Band, Jon Shirley, and David Crowder Band.

Get me talking about this if you want to see me passionate: adoption, child welfare, and my babies.

You could safely say I’m addicted to: rock climbing, water skiing and the New York Times.

After the trail, I’ll be:
back in Houston for a bit and then in grad school somewhere to become an occupational therapist.


2 responses

30 06 2008
Kelly Warner

Hey chica! We are praying for you! As you hike, sweat, smell, hike and hike, I hope you feel God’s presence guiding you and keeping you safe! Let me know if you figure out what I am supposed to do with my life as you Yeti it up for the next 6 months. You are one crazy cat . . . but I love you!

4 07 2008
Aunt Esther

Will enjoy following your adventures on the trail!
Have a fabulous time!

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