Elizabeth Z.

My given name: Elizabeth

Nicknames: Beef, Eliz, E-baleeb, Bop, Little G, Liz, Zany, E-Dawg, Lizardbreath, Liza, Lizzy, Eli.

Potential Trail Name: When I was considering carrying mate (national Argentine beverage) with me I thought I could be “The Gaucho”. But I have since nixed the mate idea.

Places I call home: Lately I’ve been coming home to Rochester, NY. More broadly, the north-eastern United States.

What I’ve done the last two years:
It’s been a busy two years full of adventure, big dreams and most of it spent outside the country. I started off working in the Combelles’ lab cutting up cat and cow ovaries and getting fascinating oocytes (egg cells). They are amazing and I hope to study them more one day. Then I lived in Moscow for a year researching Russian Sign Language or at least trying hard to do that. I traveled Eastern Europe and even made it to Egypt to see the my friend Molly and the Pyramids. I had a fun kayaking trip up north above the Arctic Circle with some deaf friends where the sun never sets and there is good fishing and some incredible wooden architecture. I came back last August to live with my parents in Rochester and started job hunting, making friends with the house-church crowd and speaking lots of Russian with the Jews here. I was already infected with the AT bug and couldn’t find a job to fill the interim nine months besides lifeguarding and working at the coffee shop so I decided to move to Argentina in the meantime to learn Spanish with my friend Julia, whom I had met in Moscow. Also in Rochester I decided to run a marathon and met up with Kelli, the world’s best running partner. We ran my first, her second, marathon in Phoenix, AZ in January and even squeezed in a trip to the Grand Canyon. Three days later I arrived in Buenos Aires not knowing much Spanish. I studied intensively for four weeks and then ended up moving to a small Patagonian desert town called Chos Malal. I taught English at a language institute and a school. I arrived stuttering and hating Spanish and learned the hard but good way. I fell in love with my students and the beautiful nearby mountains. I got a chance to travel to the Perito Mereno glacier and see penguins and whales.

Something I learned recently (finally): How to drive stick. Thanks Fernanda!

On Enneagram I’m a: Four with Five Wing. Base “Individualist” with some “Investigator” envy. Altogether it’s called “The Bohemian”. I guess “gypsy” isn’t a type.

I’m hiking the trail because:
It’s been a dream since I heard an old hippie woman talk about her hike at the Rochester Library when I was in high school.

What I’m reading now: Just finished The Golovyov Family by Shchedrin, brilliant and beautiful satire. I’m trying not to get into too many books, actually- just catching up on the Economist and browsing a vintage AT book from my great-uncle.

My greatest trail fear: Getting too thin and blowing out my left knee. Otherwise, liking the trail so much that I am no longer able to function in “normal life”.

My goals for the trail are to: enjoy the moments with my beautiful friends.

Favorite food: Dark chocolate, french fries, apple pie, lentil soup, Maine blueberries, maple syrup, bananas and peanut butter.

Next place to travel to after the trail: I have a roadtrip to Brazil on my mind for January, but we’ll see.

My current soundtrack includes: Mark Knofler and Emmylou Harris, Diego Torres, Gotan (electronic tango), Jaquin Sabina, Argentine folklorica, Madonna, Estopa.

After the trail: I don’t know. I want to do biology research or go to medical school or both. I also have a dream to return to Argentina, buy una camioneta buena and travel around Patagonia.


7 responses

2 07 2008
Russ Staples


I thought of you and your fellowship as I stood atop Mt. Chocorua this morning. Hope you got off to a good start. Stay safe and enjoy


16 07 2008
Jim Staples


Your trail name should be ‘ez’. It has all the right karma for success and pretty much summarizes your approach to life.

Forgive me for not getting too involved at the beginning of your adventure. I’m busy with my NL trip and then the Maine Wild Blueberries. Watch out for me in September and October, though! Pick ’em up and put ’em down.


28 07 2008

hey beef, have you eaten a two pound burger in record time yet? I hope yall are doing great and having wonderful experience.

26 08 2008

I miss you and finally found your blog site. Where are you now and I want to come meet you and your friends at the trail sometime in Sept or Oct…praying for you, Elizabeth! Loved your site and I will gather up the housechurch troops this weekend to plan on sending you a care package soon.
Love you lots,
Kelli 🙂
PS I’m running a 1/2 marathon Sept in Rochester, a full marathon Oct in Corning, NY!

1 09 2008

hello tree,
thanks for the idea! i haven’t, actually, but i have eaten in the past 24 hours:
1. a bbq steak and fried shrimp platter and some ice cream sundae
2. about 2 pints of ben & jerry’s
3. a dozen pancakes
4. a veal parmesan grinder
5. 2 bagels and a fried egg
6. some pizza
7. a plate of nachos and a huge salad
8. fruit loops
so, it’s been a good day! hope you are doing well.

7 09 2008
Kelli and Heather

We were thinking of meeting up with you in Connecticut next weekend. We would drive down friday, stay at a hotel, and maybe meet up with you saturday morning (9-14-08). We would only be there late friday and saturday then we have to head back cause Kelli is running a half marathon sunday morning. Would this work out ok? Should we meet you at 371 Brewster Rd or somewhere else? What time is good? What food can we bring for you?
Love you lots, Heather and Kelli

12 09 2008

Hi! Heather and I were planning on driving out to CT to visit you this weekend, but haven’t heard if that is where you are for sure? I left a message with your parents to return my call, so if we hear from them or you we’ll be on our way as soon as i get out of work at 6pm tonight! Otherwise we may have to plan a different weekend. I want to plan to send you a carepackage as well…. Hope all is well and everyone is staying strong and healthy!
Love and miss you lots,
Kelli 🙂

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