My given name is: DevonDevo

These crazy girls usually call me: Devo

My potential Trail Names:
I have self-identified as Hambone. Thank you, Jack Handey. We’ll see if it lasts…

Places I call home: Wheaton, IL – there is a lot to love, a lot to hate, but after 24 years of the family in one house, I can’t escape it. Middlebury, VT – everything I love about these girls and this adventure is rooted in Midd. Camden, NJ (and the greater Philadelphia region) – my latest home and the site of much eye-opening and growth.

For the past two years I’ve: lived with and learned from communities of fabulously unique and beautiful people in Camden, NJ and Philly, PA. This has included eating cheesesteaks on the porch, worshiping at the best church ever, bonding with junior high girls in after school program, teaching and taking dance classes, being a telemarketer, making lots of new friends, and getting a master’s degree.

You might be surprised to know that: I have a history of kidnapping, trespassing, and vandalism.

On the Enneagram I’m a: Nine – The Peacemaker: “easy going, self-effacing, receptive, agreeable and complacent”. With a wing 1, that makes me The Dreamer. Basically it means I live in a dream world and want everything to be hunky dory all the time!

I’m hiking the trail because:
I vowed after missing out on biking across America post-graduation not to turn down another adventure opportunity. I can’t say that hiking the AT has been a lifelong goal, but unless something dire happens, I am committed to making it to Springer Mtn. The real thrill is spending hard core quality time with some of the best girls on the planet, seeing parts of this country that few people lay eyes on, and taking some time in the woods to process the last two years of city life and dream about what’s to come.

What I’m reading now: Grad school isn’t too conducive to reading for fun, but some of the best books I’ve read this year have been Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama, Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire, Shortchanged by Howard Karger, and In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen.

My greatest trail fear is: my remarkable lack of common sense leading to real endangerment.

My goals for the trail are: probably unrealistic. Ideally, I’d like to learn some Spanish, read the Bible and a few other books, stay in dance shape, learn all kinds of things about North American flora and fauna, visit friends and family along the way, and figure out the next steps of my future. More practically, I’m hoping to grow massively tight with these gals, be awed by the vastness and creativity of my God, skinny dip in as many isolated swimming holes as possible, and make it to Springer Mtn. alive.

Favorite food: I eat everything – and lots of it. I delight in hot beverages of all kinds, and anything sweet. And cheese. I’m excited to see how creative we can manage to be with our trail cooking.

Things I will probably miss most on the trail: clean hair, the internet, knowing what’s up with elections and Olympics.

Next place I’d like to travel to besides the trail: I owe some special friends a visit in the Dominican Republic. Ireland and Scotland sound fun. I’ve always wanted to live on a sheep farm in New Zealand. Who knows??!

The soundtrack to my life would surely include:
bluegrass, folk, classical, classic rock, and the occasional 90’s jam band. Specifically, the soundtrack to the last year includes Scythian, Michael Franti, Chris Thile, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Harper, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jim Dale’s narration of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Get me talking about this if you want to see me passionate: the environment, poverty, politics, theology.

You could safely say I’m addicted to: tea & coffee, Facebook & email, The Office, dancing, procrastination.

After the trail, I’ll be: ???? That’s what the six months is for…brainstorming what to do next!


5 responses

30 06 2008
Katie B.

Can I call you “Hambone” off the trail? I’d guess Flippy, wouldn’t you? You know I would. Have fun Dev! I’m stoked for you!

2 07 2008

HAMBONE, you seedy slag!!!
I have no plans yet, and don’t know where i will be coming up. Maybe i will find you on the trail, who KNOWSSSS…
im in vegas at the moment. HOTTTTTT……..
ok, well don’t shit where you pitch the tent, and i will talk to you soon!!! call me from one of your stops!!!

14 07 2008

D! Congrats on making it to Monson. Did you get my 4 page slightly embellished letter or do I need to forward it to the next mail drop with other tale’s attached? Let me know!! Much love. And as M. Franti would say, “Power to the people!”

23 07 2008

Devo! Love you lots! Congrats on making it to Monson and I will be keeping tabs on you throughout your journey. I also plan on sending a package one of these days–anything in particular you want or should I just go with the list on the website? Hope you are well, my friend!

28 07 2008

Hey flamebo, i hope yall are doing well, and i am glad to see that the name stuck. lol keep dry eat a lot and tell the rest of the mafia i said hello.

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