Presenting: AT SOBO ’08 Song

2 06 2009

At long last, I finally got on top of things and copied our beloved AT hiker song. It was collaboratively written. The tune is to that of “Poor Wayfaring Stranger.” We made up fun verses for most of the people we know (in fact, there may be some verses out there — FLAMEBO? — that I have forgotten, but it gets to be quite the litany, as I’m sure you can tell.) The animal references are from a game of “Essences” the Mafia played while hiking along somewhere in Vermont or New York, I believe.

Beef and I Jamming in PA

Beef and I Jamming in PA

By the way, I (ekg) WILL in fact be finishing my remaining 370 miles this year! I will hike from Franconia Notch, NH to Katahdin, ME beginning June 24, 2009, which is only about 4 weeks away! Joining me will be Mr. Dan T, my beloved JVC Henriette Delille House roommate from New Orleans.

Here’s the song:

We are all Appalachian Hikers
We live our lives the way we want
We’re goin’ south from Maine to Georgia,
And all the way it’s bon vivant.


We’re goin’ south to hike Mt. Springer!
We’re goin’ there, no more to roam,
The trail is long,
But we’re determined
To make it there
And then go home.


There’s the Beef
She’s like a zebra
She’s got the flair and appetite
She comes from all over New England
And her guitar is a delight.


Then there’s Default
She’s like a golden
She’s as loyal as can be
She comes from Houston in Southern Texas
From the mid-town community.


There’s EKG
From Albuquerque
She’s like an owl, or a mountain lion.
She’ll pack your food in pretty patterns
And she will hike Maine in the Spring of ’09.


Then there’s Flamebo
She’s from Chicago
We’ve decided she’s a giraffe
She’s got the height and grace of that mammal
Just make sure you don’t get in her path!


There’s Cardshark
Like a coyote
Always cunning in his own way
He hikes so fast, he might miss Georgia
And end up in old Floriday


Then there’s D-Wreck
Who’s like the black bear
We crossed paths with along the trail
We like to call him the mayor of Manville
Cuz he’s the guru of all things male.


There’s also Mousetrap
Who, like the beaver
Likes to keep his body warm
But the beaver knows that panty-hose
Will not flatter his furry form


Now there’s Bookworm
Who’s from Ohio
Been friends with Mousetrap since they were wee
He likes to journal and gets the last laugh
Whether out-loud or silently


There’s Slot Machine
And Stretch
Who we started with way back in Maine
They hiked 3 1/2 marathons
Just to watch a football game


Then there’s Eilene
Who goes by Rumbles
Though that’s just one of her many names
Always friendly and quite social
But if you cross her, she won’t play games.


There’s also Bearwalker
Also a truck-driver
Grew up in Cali, lives in PA
Art is his passion, so when he’s finished
He’ll paint the AT all in landscapes


Repeat first verse.




One response

14 08 2009

If you can remember Mr. Nice Guy and Duster and Honey, good on ya! I can’t seem to put them together.

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