Our Hike By The Numbers

27 12 2008

We have been encouraged by others to give a by-the-numbers account of our hike, so without further ado, here it is!

2,176.2 miles

14 states

168 days/5.5 months

35 days of rain in the first 42 days

3 major blizzards (in TN, NC & GA)

43.5 miles & 4 states in longest day

20,000,000 steps (exactly!)

17 pairs of shoes/boots

9 packs

7 sleeping bags

4 pairs down booties

1 backpacker guitar

2 harmonicas

1 recorder

1 shaky egg

2 cameras

2 stoves

1 roll of TP at a time

1 cheap LOVE necklace from Walmart

446 frogs

129 red eft newts

5 black bears

4 moose

2 box turtles

20 snakes

1 porcupine

2 pileated woodpeckers

lots! of deer, mosquitoes, black flies, slugs…

1 loon swooped on by 1 bald eagle

1 evil squirrel and 2 evil mice who chewed our stuff

1300 french fries consumed in one sitting! (that’s 9800 calories and 530 grams of fat)

9 items each off McDonald’s dollar menu in one sitting

1/2 gallon of ice cream each in one sitting

300 snickers bars

100 lbs of GORP (trail mix)

2 grocery carts of food in every town

3 blueberry pies from Beef’s cousins

4 food flops: “Think Thin” bars, mysterious rotten vegetable from CO, habanero cheddar cheese, pickled sausages

2 bee stings (1 near-deadly)

1 bad ankle sprain

3 vomiting incidents

2 frostbitten toes

4 different personality types on the Enneagram

6 books/stories read aloud

1 song composed for the trail (lyrics coming soon)

1 celtic festival attended

1 movie theater visit (Mamma Mia! in Hanover)

20 songs on the VT Mafia Greatest Hits list

16 movies on our post-trail film festival list

59.32 dollars in Flamebo’s combined bank accounts after final reckoning

11 lbs net weight gain

125+ trail angels & mafia connections

12 days apart before our first reunion!





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