Let it Snow, Let it Snow??!

23 11 2008

Hey friends,

It’s Default here checking in from our trail friend Doc’s house in Lenoir, NC.   That’s right, we’re in North Carolina now!!   It’s pretty exciting.   We now swing back and forth between Tennessee and North Carolina on a minute-by-minute basis, with one foot literally in each state.

The big news around here is (well, you guessed it):  SNOW.   Lots of it.   On the mountaintops there is at least a foot, and we have encountered thigh-to-waist high drifts.   It’s pretty crazy!   We have heard that it has not snowed this much here at this time of year in several decades.  It has also regularly been in the 0 to 10 degree range at night, and not above 30 during the day.  We have decided that 2008 is trying to become a year for the record books in terms of weather on the AT.

We had a scary day yesterday after a night spent in the shelter on top on Roan Mountain.   It’s over 6000 feet up there and it snowed all night, both outside and inside the shelter.    We were our own human snow machines, with the warmth and moisture from our breath going up to the tin roof, freezing, and snowing back down upon us.   We headed out into a near blizzard in our frozen shoes and didn’t make it more than 3 miles before we reached a road and realized we needed to get off the trail.   It was no longer safe for us to hike, especially since several of us were having some serious issues with freezing toes.

We got rescued by a family of complete strangers a few miles down the mountain road, people who we now consider great friends and the world’s best trail angels.   I’ll let one of my compadres tell yuns (that’s what they say down here) about them, but to sum it up, they saved our lives, and our toes!

Today we hiked a half day and then got picked up by Doc and headed to Boone to buy lots of waterproof shoes and new socks and gaiters.  Our toes are very thankful.

We’ve gotten a bit off schedule with the weather, but we’ll make the time up and should be in Hot Springs, North Carolina for a little Thanksgiving fiesta on Thursday.   Join us in praying for a heat wave- we are expecting more snow on Monday and Tuesday.

much love, and warm feet,





2 responses

23 11 2008

tell doc tree said hello and dont be afraid to throw out a yall as well as yuns.

24 11 2008
Red Hat

Hi to VT Mafia, DWreck, Doc and anyone else that remembers me from July… Wow, you guys are awesome! Not much left… hardest part is The Great Smokey Mountains (must give them proper respect). Now you are doing stuff I have done. Of course, I did it in March/April, but there was snow. Hope it warms for you guys soon.

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