holla from the hollows

15 11 2008

Okay, so I was elected to write something “eloquent,” but instead I’m staring like a zombie at the computer screen.  It’s WAY past my bedtime.  Here’s the deal, no eloquence:

-Calendar and photos have been updated!  If you are planning on sending a package, keep checking the calendar as we adjust our town dates.  Our finish date is now officially fixed as December 15th!

-Today we finished Virginia.  We have less than 500 miles left!

-Default’s parents came and rescued us from the trail.  We are staying at a gorgeous cabin on a lake in Tennessee, eating amazing food, slack-packing, and chilling in the hot tub.  Needless to say, life is good, and we feel very, very loved.

-The end is in sight! And so is the end of my consciousness…




3 responses

21 11 2008
Cousin Jim

Hey Mafia:

Great to see you doing so well – wish I could be there to flip some pancakes for you all. I’ve shown your albums to some friends and they agree that you’re AWESOME!

Stay safe in the home stretch.


21 11 2008

you guys are awesome!!

21 11 2008

500 to go! keep it up. I’m loving following your adventures.

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