3 Days 3 Challenges

11 10 2008

A quick shout out from Renee’s apartment in DC whom we’re visiting while our packs await in Harper’s Ferry, WV.

We are here after accomplishing some traditional hiker “challenges”

1. The Dollar Menu Challenge – The goal: to eat every item on the McDonalds dollar menu. These nine items include: a double cheeseburger, a chicken crisp burger, small fry, small soda, two apple pies, yogurt parfait, icecream sundae, apple dippers, and a side salad. The result: Flamebo kicked our butts because she’s a wicked fast eater. In a close second was D-Wreck, our hiker buddy, then EKG with the bronze. Beef and Default ate it all, but at their own paces.

2. Quad State Challenge = The goal: to hike into four states in one day: Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. We began our journey at 12:45 AM in our lovely Village People costumes (EKG – cowboy, Default – hippie, Beef – native american, Flamebo – construction worker, D-Wreck – Motorcycle enthusiast), and hiked through the dark and night into dawn and through Maryland. 44 miles brought us to our destination, (no thanks to any state sign markers, but we’re trusting our guidebook). We successfully arrived on top of the hill where the WV-VA border supposedly lies at 8 pm on Thursday, Oct 9. Our feet were burning, our bodies and brains sleep deprived and busted, but our spirits bright and encouraged at the accomplishment.

3. The Half Gallon Challenge: The goal = to eat a complete half gallon of icecream by yourself. We succeeded yesterday in Harpers Ferry. D-Wreck killed us all in 24 minutes. Flamebo came in second with 29 min, then EKG with 30, then later Beef made it around 34 min, and Default, thankfully, only ate a little around a pint, due to semi-lactose intolerance.

And now, Default’s brother, MusicMan has arrived to pick us up and we need to go. Apologies for the brevity and run on sentence nature of this update, but it’s better than nothing. We’re all healthy and happy and making good miles each day. Next stop should be this coming Saturday in Harrisonburg, VA staying with some of Default’s friends.

BYE and love to all!





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