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14 09 2008

Hi everyone,

We’re headed out from Bristol this morning in just a little while but I wanted to let you know that I just updated the calendar so you can track our progress and sign up to mail us some love in the next month.   There’s even an address where we will be on my birthday.  Check it out- in less than a month we will be in Virginia! 






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16 09 2008
SoBo Tengu

Sister of Musicman.

Hiking family of sister of Musicman.

Tengu here.

2007 SoBo.

Shoot me an E-mail sometime at I live just outside D.C., somewhere within an hour’s drive of Blackburn, Bear’s Den, the Route 7 road crossings, the Washington Monument, uh… Harper’s Ferry. You get the picture.

I’m the little demon that finished the Trail last year with Hedgehog. As long as you’re in Maryland and Northern Virginia (forgive me, but it’s one big State… I ain’t servicing it all), you’ve got yourselves a Trail Magic monkey.

Let me know when ya’ll’re plannin’ on being in the area. See if we can’t work som’n out. I work during the week… but God invented PTO for a reason.

Lots of love. Best of luck. I’ma be a voyeur now and read your journal entries.


16 09 2008

Ok, so I’m in Africa and all doing this Peace Corps thing, but I just got into Conakry, the capital, to do some emailing and computer stuff and I thought of you guys so I came to your page. And guess what?!!? You guys are totally doing the AT thing, wow. And Beef, you have taken the trail name Beef!?!? That is soo frikin cool! Man, I just laughed out loud when I saw that. And the rest of you guys– Default, Flamebo, and Maria? Solid crew, although M-dog, I imagine you’ll get a name soon. I’d love to hear the stories behind the picking of those names.
Anyway, much love to you guys! I think it’s awesome what you’re doing and I’d love to join you for a few days, but that Atlantic Ocean is pretty big and deep… It may not happen this time. God bless you guys and keep it up.
Haile (my “trail name” here is Aboubacar– gotta love it)

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