Many Graces

2 09 2008

Hi all, it’s Default.   You have our apologies for our seemingly long hiatus from blogging.   As you will see below, we have had many lovely days and incredible times with strangers-turned-family as well as our already wonderful family and friends.  The weather has been glorious, the trail sublime in comparison to the challenge of Maine and the Whites.    My compadres have said it all much better, so I strongly encourage you to scroll down and read their posts!!

This week was probably the most “connected”  we have ever been on the trail.   Every day brought either Trail Magic or a planned encounter with an amazing restaurant, a beautiful little sister, our Middlebury sistas, and the nicest hostel on Planet Earth.

Yay for:

The Inn at the Long Trail’s amazing Guinesss on tap and sublime cheeseburgers.   They made the climb up Killington seem so blissfully easy!

My sister Ally picking us up and cramming 6 incredibly nasty thru-hikers and their packs into her Subaru already relatively full with china dishes and college supplies.   She seemed relatively unfazed by our nastiness as she ferried us around Rutland, from Ben and Jerry’s to post office to EMS to grocery store to Quizno’s and back to trail.   We had a blissful night of Quizno’s and S’Mores with her in Clarendon Gorge and loved having her hike with us the next morning.   Al, all the girls agree you’re super cool and that we should be able to have you as our “AT Intern” this semester instead of you being at Colby.   Beef assures you that we know everything there is to know about International Relations.   Besides, I miss you dearly!

Meg, April, and Beth driving hours from upstate Vermont to come all the way to a little unpaved Forest Service road and pick us up and take us out for an amazing dinner.   We were truly blessed to be able to share that time catching up with all 3 of you.    It renewed my spirit just to be present at that table again with all of you.

Aunt Jude and Juliet for brightening our spirits and amazing us with their strength, hiking 18 miles with us on Saturday!   Aunt Jude, we love hanging out with you.

The Green Mountain House for being quite literally the most amazing hostel on the AT.   We have been so blessed.   Yesterday I came down with a very yucky plague and they were so gracious letting us stay an extra night in this Hiker Heaven.   Free Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer?!  Free Internet?!  Free Amazing Beds?!  Free Laundry?!!   We are so grateful!

Tomorrow we head out for the week until Saturday when we will hit Dalton, Massachusetts and visit my friend Allison at UMass.   Then just a few days after that we will be in Connecticut, and then New York.   These Southern New England states are fabulously short 🙂   New pictures will be up this weekend, and we promise to continue the frequent posting as much as possible.

Check out our “Platial” Map on the side of the blog- it should hopefully show you just where we’ve been these last 538 miles!




2 responses

5 09 2008
Kathy Markward (Red Hat)

Thanks for posting, I was getting worried that you might have given up after time in civilization at the wedding. I had a ball at the Long Trail Festival in Rutland, but I was sorry to have missed you guys. I did catch MacGyver and Godzilla in Lincoln and got to visit with them. I really enjoy reading your blog, so please keep it up – as much as you can while hiking. Thanks and have a great hike!

6 09 2008

Ha! Just checked out your pictures! Those, along with your posts convince me that you all are having a ball!

I am in Kent waiting on backpack number three to arrive. Oh Gregory! Why hath thee foresaken me?

Vermont Mafia till you die!


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