Hiking the AT is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer…

11 08 2008

…It feels so good when you stop.

Shortly after sending my initial notification email to my friends and family, I made the tough decision that it was time for me to get off the trail. I enjoyed the hiking and loved the time I got to spend with other hikers, particularly the VT Mafia, but homesickness got the best of me for the first time in my life. So, after much mulling things over, I bought a plane ticket home from Boston and made plans to leave the girls in Andover, where April would be able to give me a ride to a bus stop.

Unfortunately, the rain that April described cut the trip short, so I didn’t make it to Andover. We hiked to a highway between Rangeley and Oquossoc, and April and I made our way out from there, after wishing FLAMEBO, Beef, and Default the best. April and I ended up driving to Boston together and spending some quality time both in the car and exploring the city. We had a lot of fun, which was nice, because it had been very difficult for me to say goodbye and watch the girls hike off without me.

So I got home late Monday night (7.28), and since then have been struggling to reestablish myself in Denver amid a number of stressful circumstances. Fortunately, before I left for the trail I realized that I want to become a doctor, so I had some plan of action to pick up upon my return. I have been able to register at CU Denver to take General Chemistry I and General Biology I, so I am on my way to fulfilling the premed requirements. I also plan to work about halftime, hopefully in a setting that is related to medicine, such as a research unit of a hospital. If that doesn’t work out, please stop by and visit me at the local Starbucks. I’ll be the one wearing the green apron.

Before I sign off, here’s my AT experience by the numbers:

Miles of AT hiked: 233.1
Moose: 2
Frogs: close to 200
Snakes: 9 or 10
Bald eagles swooping down to catch a fish 20 feet from where we were sitting: 1.
Mosquitos: 10,000
Trail towns: 3
New friends: numerous.

Laura B. (“Siren”)




One response

11 08 2008
Kathy Markward (Red Hat)

Yep, just like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer… so why do I want to go back so badly? 100 miles in Maine should be more than enough!

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