Dejavu, Sweet Dejavu!

8 08 2008

We’re back in Tamworth!  And it’s raining again!  It’s almost my turn in our Scrabble game so this will have to be quick, but the short story is that we reached another impassable river today after yet another horrendous day of rain.  It seems this weather pattern is convinced it shall make 2008 the wettest summer on record.   We are along for the ride, and keep saying to ourselves “It can’t rain forever, can it?”   We’ll be sure and let you know the answer when we find out- so far, it seems it can.

Hopefully the West Branch of the Peabody River will be down tomorrow and we will be able to cross.   A man died after being swept away by it on Tuesday, so we are waiting it out.   If we can proceed, we will be up and over Mt.  Madison tomorrow and Mt. Washington on Saturday.   Rain or shine, we will still be in Middlebury VT on Wednesday for our break and we will write more then.

I have updated the calendar with tentative dates and zipcodes for our next month of trail towns.   We are going to be enjoying frequent towns where we can resupply and get mail every few days.   To let you all know, we currently have an excess of trail food (Thank you Barretts!!!  You’re AMAZING!!!!) and so if you’d like to send us something, here are some ideas:   Brownies.    Cookies.   Muffins.   Chocolate.   Candy Bars.   Puppy Chow.    I would so love some Puppy Chow!     Did I mention Brownies?   I’m sure we will need trail food again by late August, but for now we would love some home baked (or store bought) goodies.  Also, just so you know, it’s a great idea to use one of the Postal Service’s flat rate Priority Boxes when you mail us packages- they usually end up being a lot cheaper.

Okay, back to Scrabble.   We are doing well, and are so thankful to Cousin Russ for his amazing hospitality.   Please send all the sunshiny thoughts you can possibly find our way- we sure do need em!   It would be nice to actually see the White Mountains instead of just climb them in a fog.

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9 08 2008
Kathy Markward (Red Hat)

If you plan on being in VT soon, do you think you’ll make the Long Trail Festival next weekend? Camping is free at the festival in Rutland and it should be fun. I’ll be there to see anyone who happens to be there. I’ll be doing shuttles in the area if you need a ride… email or call my cell 979-277-2088.

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