Pictures: Maine to Gorham, NH

4 08 2008

Greetings from Maria D. on the ground (soon to join the girls on the 16th in Vermont!) I have just received links to two kodakgallery photo albums from the VT mafia. CORRECTION: They made it to Gorham, NH on Saturday and were picked up by Beef’s mother’s cousins and taken to Tamworth, NH for a lovely lobster dinner. Today they are hiking the white mountains and hope to be in Franconia notch for pick up and travel to Middlebury on Wednesday, August 13. They do not expect nor need any mail drops in that time according to Default, and will plan to be in Midd as the calendar says on the 17th. Sorry for any confusion, folks, I was unaware of how they were getting to Tamworth.

Unfortunately, due to limits in technology on their end (a mac that doesn’t support massive picasa uploads), all I have for you is a link to a photo slide show of their exploits thus far.

Here it is:

They ran out of time in town. FLAMEBO reassures me that they have posts in their heads and even on paper that they are ready to add to the blog. So those will be forthcoming.




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4 08 2008
Peggy Seidel

Actually, they went to Tamworth (to Izzie’s Mom’s cousins’ house?) from Gorham. They were picked up on Saturday afternoon and were treated to lobster for dinner on Saturday night! Today they are hiking through the White Mountains and will stop lightly as needed for provisions and hope to be in Franconia Notch for pick up and travel to Middlebury next Wednesday the 13th. No mail drops are expected or needed according to Laura. They will be in Midd as the calendar says until the 17th.

4 08 2008
Laurie Jordan

Hi everyone,
Can we feed you all at some point while you are in Middlebury? Gus and I can fire up the grill or whatever?
call or email us….
Sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. Ellen is particularly jealous.
lots of love from Laurie and your buddies at the Scott Center

5 08 2008
Kathy Markward (Red Hat)

Your photos are spectacular! The ones from Katahdin to Monson remind me of the best memories of the trail. The ones from Monson to Gorham make me wish I’d kept on going. Love your blog!

6 08 2008

Awww, you’re in Midd from the 13th to the 17th? I’ve been here working this summer and leave on the 11th so I just miss you all!! Bummer! I’ve had fun reading about your adventures – looking forward to more updates 🙂

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