Awesome Cousins of Beef!

4 08 2008

Thanks to Beef’s Dad, I have some pictures here of the girls relaxing in Tamworth with Beef’s relatives. They were met on the trail Saturday by cousin Russ and aunt Judith then driven 30 miles along the White mountains to cousin Russ’s home. They enjoyed the modern day amenities of laundry and showers and some excellent cuisine: Maine blueberry pie from cousin Jim, lobsters from cousin Mary, Maine blueberry pancakes from cousin Russ.



Too much pizza?

Too much pizza?

Then Sunday they resupplied their moleskin (blister fixer), as they anticipate yet more rain as they will be hiking some of the highest mountains on the AT in the coming days. Default got new boots from EMS and Beef called Merrell to see about her respectively disintegrating footwear. The VT mafia were, I imagine, quite relieved to have a break as they were all water-logged and tired. They dried out their sleeping bags and gear at cousin Charlie’s, who had a wood stove burning throughout the weekend.

Beef with brother, NateBeef with brother, Nate, who came up from Boston

Also, Beef achieved her first time win on the “Newfoundland Dog” puzzle game. These kinds of games (along with Scrabble) are apparently a part of the mountain culture in New Hampshire. Here she is with her accomplishment!






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