Oh Yeah! About That Bag

17 07 2008

Regarding Laura’s bag, for those of you curious, it was quite an ordeal in the end. By Saturday, in Monson she had received replacement gear from home and had bought gear at the local outfitter in the morning. She was beginning to think she was in the clear and out of those particular “woods” (I couldn’t resist) in terms of getting all her gear in one place.

And then she got her mail in Monson. Said mail included her cell-phone charger. Upon charging her phone, she discovered two messages from Delta informing her that they had indeed found her bag. It was in _Nova Scotia_. These messages were dated only four days after her flight, so technically they don’t owe her money for the now-not-actually-lost-items (the limit is 5 days). Unfortunately, she had already almost completely replaced her gear via home and purchase, so yet again, she was faced with the mess.

AND, her father had been calling Delta that week, checking to see if they had found it yet. The Delta people apparently weren’t communicating well, because when her dad called, they had no record of the parcel. Anyway, it all wouldn’t have been so bad if she were just traveling to a static, city location. She would simply have made some phone calls, been in constant cell-range and gotten things straightened out with a little extra patience, which we all know Laura has, given her recent experience as a foster mom. As it turns out, maneuvering lost-baggage claims and such are much more difficult while one is hiking in the woods, even with an ever-vigilant family crew assisting from home-base. When I spoke with her, she was having to decide which gear she wanted to keep and which she would exchange for the newly acquired gear and which to return. She was able to laugh about it at the time, because, let’s be honest, what else can you do in response to such a ridiculous series of events. May as well just laugh.




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