“The Rest Is Still Unwritten . . .”

15 07 2008

Yes indeed, our crew has “released their inhibitions” and “felt the rain on their skin” (see and hear video below if this makes no sense to you). Last Wednesday, they were caught in a large rainstorm on top of a mountain. Despite some apprehension and fear, they made it down to a camp for the night safe, changed into dry clothes and made ready to rest inside their hurriedly pitched tent. Suddenly, it became apparent there was water beneath the tent and seeping inside. In their rush, they had pitched the tent at the lowest area of camp, which meant the water was funneling toward them. Beef was closest to the door, (“no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in“), so she changed into her wet clothes which were outside somehow (the exact details of this transition are unclear due to mixed reports), and started digging a trench around the tent, sort of medieval castle moat-style. The others were in the tent, Tree Cowboy bailing with pots and pans and Flamebo and Default trying to channel the encroaching water away from their abode, all the while exchanging glances of hilarious incredulity and “can you believe this?”. I guess you do what you can. 😉

I break tradition, sometimes my tries are outside the lines. We’ve been conditioned, to not make mistakes, but I can’t live that way, no no!

Well (unfortunately) I’m attempting to “speak the words on their lips“, but the pen is in my hand” so I’ll write what I can. Meanwhile, the Vermont Mafia¹ are “reaching for something in the distance” hiking their way to Stratton, ME scheduled to arrive Saturday. They send a big THANK YOU out to all those who sent packages to them in Monson, ME. Your contributions were much appreciated and enjoyed.

¹For the definition and story behind this and other perhaps tricky vocabulary in this post, see the new “Glossary” section tabbed at the top of the page.



One response

17 07 2008
The Moj

LOL. Seriously hilarious, ladies. Is it weird I kinda wish I had been there for the epic rainstorm/moat-digging?

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