Happiness is a One Pound Burger on a Bug Free Day in the Middle of a Lake

11 07 2008

Today the crew made it to Monson! I was lucky enough to catch them briefly online around 3 CST. Laura sent an email so what I [maria] know is primarily from that. They were at a public library and part of a long queue of hikers wanting to use the internet so the info was brief.

The 100 mile wilderness was “crazy hard, crazy fun, and crazy mountainous.” Yesterday they hiked up 5 mountains, two of which were named “third” and “fourth mountain”. Laura guesses that after all that hiking, the Mainers lost their creativity, she says she would have as well.

Laura’s pack was indeed completely lost by Delta, making them the best airline for ultra-ultralight backpackers. Of the gear she received in the mail, she was most thankful for the mango-colored crocs.

“Can I just say how amazing it is to have another pair of shoes after having to leave your feet in hiking boots constantly for 10 days????”

She’ll get the rest of her gear in a town tomorrow, where they will be taking a zero day. In trail speak, a zero day is a day when you hike zero miles. Again from Laura:

“The title of the [post] refers to the amazing one pound cheeseburgers that we ate at this lovely camp called White House Landing in the middle of the 100 mile wilderness. It’s on a lake, and they make 1 pound burgers. Need I say more??? It was FRIGHTENINGLY easy to eat it all in about 10 minutes. It was a beautiful day and a much needed respite from the constant mileage and constant hungryness of the trail.”

And with that, they were off to the showers, dinner, and a bluegrass concert scheduled for the gas station in Monson. Yeah, it sounds kind of awesome. I must confess I am wishing I was there. If you want to try calling the hiker crew, tomorrow would be a day to try, since they’re in a town. Laura wasn’t sure about phone battery-level, but I’m sure they’ll get messages eventually. Signing out, this is Maria from nola – blessings to your weekends!




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