Addendum from Devon:

11 07 2008

hallo from monson. . . . to clarify a few things – only lizzie’s parents saw the moose – that’s where the photos came from. Laura B. caught another one later on, but the other three of us have seen nothing but moose poop. also, mom, that’s Laura B., and the “vitamins” are GORP. i have like 200 more pictures, but didn’t think to bring my cord to this here library, so you won’t be seeing them for a few weeks or months or something. they’re good, though, i promise! and we look WAY dirtier than we did on the first day!!!

love to all, and thanks for all the well wishes that i don’t have time to reply to! the AT is MAD HARD but well worth the pain.





2 responses

12 07 2008
Robin Parish

Sorry to have thought Laura was Nicoley! Oops! But about the gorp… DUH!

Please call today, Dev- important.

Thanks for the update, Maria! Sooo glad to hear all made it to Monson and feet are feeling happy. Looking forward to all your tales.

14 07 2008

You guys are amazing! I’m so glad to hear about the adventure and am excited for more stories when you reach Middlebury. I’m thinking about you all the time.

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