They’re Off, Up and Out!

6 07 2008

Greetings, friends. This just in from Maria, acting blog-master from New Orleans until the girls have access and can report in their own words. I have info from Lizzy’s dad and Nicole that they are off. Here is what Nicole has to say:

“The girls did indeed leave on Thursday morning, around 8:30, I think. They were excited and well rested, so hopefully they’ve been making good time and are cruising with a minimal amount of aches and pains to Monson. They were planning to get in around the 10th, and I expect make some phone calls to parents and other interested parties. There was no word on the bag as of Wednesday night, so Laura left with all of the gear I could muster and her brother was planning on shipping her some essentials that she wouldn’t be able to get at the local outfitters in the case that the bag hadn’t turned up by today. So, hopefully everything will work itself out.”

It would seem that Laura S.’s bag was lost by Delta Airlines and they don’t know where it is. She slept in Nicole’s car the first night and was understandably upset. The second night everyone helped her by donating stuff, and her family is apparently in the process of re-gearing her from home. They were completely off (meaning, more or less on their own) by Thursday. They seem to have enough smiles for all that. See below.

Ready to go at the bottom of Katahdin. (Laura B., Laura S. (“Default”), Lizzy, Devon, Nicole)

July 1st at the beginning of the AT: Mt Katahdin

On top of a mountain

peanut butter and honey on bagels

moose seen by Lizzy's parents not far from campsite day before climb

Knife edge with clouds

Laura B. ("Tree Cowboy" ) with some "vitamins" (GORP)

Alright, that’s it for now. For the rest of the pictures thus far, go to the current Picasa album at:




4 responses

7 07 2008
Peggy Seidel

Thanks Maria. We’ve been waiting to see these. No info on the bag as of 5 days post flight so we are filing the claim for Laura. Eric and I are coordinating a new set of equipment tonight.

7 07 2008

hey devon! did you let that moose lick the sweat off of you or did you slowly back away? haha ^^

7 07 2008
The Moj

It looks so gorgeous!!!! And a MOOSE! I’ve never seen one. Now I’m REALLY jealous. Hope you all are having a blast–Maria, thanks for the updates.

11 07 2008
Robin Parish

Wow- a moose already! And so close! You guys are real troopers setting off with one bag short. I guess Laura took the travelling light thing to the extreme! And My!, Nicole, that’s a lot of vitamins for one day- that ought to put hair on your chest. I hadn’t realized Maria would be posting (thanks, Maria!), so I didn’t check the blog until today (7/11). Now that I know you took off on Thursday, I understand you may arrive a bit later at Monson. Can’t wait to hear your voice, Dev! The Parish family sends lots of love to all of you.

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